The Bang With Friends Story: Under The Covers

You know you’ve created a cultural phenomenon when the nation’s largest college Christian group declares your creation “the evilest app ever.”

But that’s exactly what happened when I built Bang With Friends, a Facebook app that let users find out which of their friends wanted to… you know.

Once my friends got their hands on it, the app spread like wildfire. We hit the top of the Apple App Store’s dating category (at one point beating out Tinder), and within 3.5 months, we had 1 million users. We were everywhere, from The Wall Street Journal to The Colbert Report. But then came lawsuits, a rebrand, an acquisition, and a failed IPO before I became one of the few entrepreneurs to sell their company and later buy it back at a better price.

Here’s the inside scoop on my journey and the 12 lessons I learned — from idea validation to acquisitions and negotiations. Let’s dive in.

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