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Colin Hodge

about colin

  • Specializes in Organic Growth with a Global Mindset
  • Board Member for a Silicon Valley social company with over $200M in annual revenue
  • Served as Chief Growth Officer at M17 Entertainment, which includes the #1 livestreaming video company in Developed Asia, 17 Live, overseeing global expansion and helping to launch the biggest markets, as well as leading the marketing team at headquarters in Taiwan
  • Served as CEO of 17 Live USA and launched the highly-rated PG video streaming app, LiveAF, in Los Angeles, California
  • Grew revenue and users of new or acquired social apps as Head of Paktor Labs, including 20x growth for one app that is now the top-grossing social app in Taiwan
  • As CEO & Founder, created and grew viral app DOWN to 6M+ users organically, exiting in successful acquisition
  • Studied Computer Science (major) and Business Management (minor) at Cornell University (B.S. 2007)

Featured Speaker and Moderator

With a sharp focus on honest and entertaining content that engages the audience, I’m available on a limited basis for speaking or moderating at select conferences and group events.

I have experience growing businesses from the United States into Asia, from Asia into the West / English-speaking world, setting up teams in almost every location, launching new regions, adapting to local teams and leading them, and setting up global teams for success. 

We’ll customize a growth strategy for your unique market (industry, product, competitors, location, culture, language), learning from global trends and similar examples in other markets, and expanding into new regions.

From mobile apps to web apps, from social networks to media networks, I’ve helped discover huge unlocked growth – in new users, in revenue, in retained users, or any number of important metrics.

I have proven experience adding millions of users, millions of dollars of revenue, and establishing clear processes so the team can continue the work!

Starting with my expertise in organic growth, gained through my trial-by-fire in my time as CEO of BWF (talk about a crash course in word-of-mouth marketing, ASO, public relations, and SEO), I know the strategies and techniques to unlock natural and grassroots growth for organizations of all types. 

Combine that with deep brand marketing and press experience, and add in a healthy amount of paid marketing through online and offline ads (think billboards, TV commercials, and more), and we will surely make your marketing world-class!

Are you getting the most growth for your organization?

Drawing on my experience growing businesses in 15 different countries around the world (including USA, Taiwan, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more!), I’ll help you learn how to achieve higher growth through product changes, marketing, positioning, expanding internationally, and more strategies.

FREE Growth Help around the world!

Apply to be the chosen startup or organization representing your country.  You’ll receive FREE consulting services to unlock your growth potential.

Consulting & Advising

Get real hands-on help to maximize your company’s growth potential – and finish with repeatable processes your team can run on their own!

board of Directors member

Add a fresh, independent voice and expert founder viewpoint to your board of directors.  I’m currently serving on the board of a ~$200M / year Silicon Valley social company and have room for 2 more positions.

Featured Testimonials

I first discovered Colin through a TV interview, in which he impressed me with his clear vision and public speaking ability. As an investor in one of his startups, a mentor, and a friend, I’m continually impressed with Colin’s brilliant mind for strategy, strong leadership, and honest approach to entrepreneurship. I give him my highest vote of confidence, and would highly recommend anyone to bring him on board as a consultant, entrepreneur-in-residence, conference speaker, etc. - jump at any chance of gaining his valuable insights!
Jonathan Roosevelt
Managing Director of VC firm with over $3.4B under management
I worked with Colin for a year at Paktor Labs, directly reporting to him for all marketing - growth marketing, performance, brand, etc. for our social app, Goodnight. He taught me many expert growth lessons that helped our mobile app grow 20x organically, rising to the top grossing app in our category in Taiwan! He continues to be a dedicated mentor as well as a good friend for me. He's great to be around and a real source of motivation and good vibes for any team.
Andy Huang
Founder of Goodnight App, Taipei, Taiwan
Colin is one of the best entrepreneurs have got a chance to work with over the years! He’s a rare mix of a talented engineer with top-notch product skills, and he’s always thinking about growth outside the box with great attention to details on the design.
Nadav Mills
Growth & Design Expert @ Profitable Silicon Valley Startup

i'm traveling the world and giving back!

I’ve worked with startups around the world – beginning in the United States and Silicon Valley with my own company as a founder, and visiting over 25 countries.  I’ve helped companies grow their businesses in the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Spain, Germany, and more.

After benefitting from the expertise and kindness of a few key people in my journey to success, I’m inspired to give back to those in need.  If you’re a startup, entrepreneur, or non-profit organization looking for some guidance on getting to the next level but you don’t have the means to pay for my normal services, definitely send me a message!

I’m able to select one group per country to receive consulting help for free – a prize valued at $50,000.00 – because I want to enable aspiring entrepreneurs and inspiring projects to succeed!

Start your growth now - don't wait!